Creating a small food forest

Creating a food forest

In early spring 2016 I started working on the second part of the garden – the small food forest area. The space I have available is not very lucrative. It’s facing north and is located next to a larger road and it only receives partial sun. In addition, the ground is full of stones and there are several larger trees in the area, creating shade. I don’t know if this will work, but I’m giving it a try.

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It is Spring in the Garden

Urtebed om våren

Here is a short update on the permaculture garden after the first winter. It seems like almost everything has survived – including the bishop’s weed! My improvised fence fell down, but it didn’t take long to fix it. I’ve added some new elements and continue working where I left it in the fall. We have had a cold and long spring, only at the beginning of May the weather warmed up a bit.

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Bean Tipi

I came accross some realy nice looking photoes of bean tipis on the internet, and decided that was something easy to make and include in my permacultre garden. At least I thought it was something easy to make! We found a nice spot at the end of the garden up…

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