The Japanese Composting Method

japansk kompostering

Japanese composting is a composting method that was developed in the early 1980s by Dr. Teuro Higa at the University of Okinawa. The Japanese composting method is also called Bokasi composting.
Dr. Teuro Higa is best known for his pioneering work on effective microorganisms (EM). It is precisely these microorganisms that are at play during bokashi composting.

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Hot composting in an apartment

Warm composting in an apartment

I enjoy growing herbs and vegetables on my balcony, so I need to buy soil and compost. This is a yearly investment and it can be quite expensive. Having my own supply of high quality compost to mix in with the soil from the year before, lets me reuse the soil. Then I don’t have to throw it away, and buy new. And the plants get top quality soil to grow in and produce perfectly.

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