Bean Tipi

tipiI came accross some realy nice looking photoes of bean tipis on the internet, and decided that was something easy to make and include in my permacultre garden. At least I thought it was something easy to make!

We found a nice spot at the end of the garden up against some trees.  My son helped chop down some small streight trees which we used for the frame. Then we tied them togheter at the top with some rope.

Then it was time to plant the bean plants. I had started the plants on my balcony to give them a good head start. I think I had around 20 plants and just started planting them around the endge of our tipi.

After a couple of days most of the plants had been nibbled on. And after some more days, most of them had no leafs left! Someone was obviously very happy about the easily accessible greens. Fortunately I had some more plants on my balcony and decided to try again. So I went ahead and planted them too. This time only some were eaten, others were left alone. However, lots of other weedy greens had realy started to come up too. And my small bean plants were outgrown by weeds.

So in the end we had a bare tipi this summer, with no green beans covering it. Maybee we didnt put it in the best spot. And I am suspecting the slugs for eating my plants. There are plenty of slugs in the garden, so that will be an issue for next season too. But I will ponder the problem over the winter and see if I can find a solution!




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