Building a custom planter box

Building a planter boxMy balcony has an odd shape, and I’ve found it difficult to get planter boxes that utilize the space well. I’ve tried many different variations of smaller boxes but was never really happy with them.

I thought the many small pots looked too messy and it was difficult to keep the overview of everything and also water everything. It gets quite warm on my balcony in the summer, so watering is a big task in the warmest phases.

So, I decided to get a larger, custom-made box that fit perfect to the shape of the balcony. That way I could get more plants in the same planter and reduce the amount of smaller pots, creating a nicer looking space on the balcony.

I have a neighbour that is a carpenter, and he build the box for me in a couple of days. I wanted the box to be on legs too, so I have space for pots and other stuff under it. I find this very practical, then I can organize my things and get them out of the way.

Now I can fit a lot of plants in the same planter, and this is much easier to water too! I also get more freed up space because a lot of my plants are in the same box. However, I suspect that I will still end up with a lot of smaller planters too as there are so many different vegetables I want to try.

The first season I got started late with my plants because the planter was build late in spring. And then I had an issue with caterpillars that ate a lot of my plants. So, the first season with the planter didn’t bring a lot of produce.

Now I am looking forward to the coming season, and hope I can see some more vegetables make it all the way to my table!


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