Three simple and useful herbs for the balcony

Most of us use herbs to flavour our food. But did you know that most herbs also have a carminative effect? So not only do they make the food taste great, they also improve your digestion!

Growing your own herbs is can be both fun and nutritious – and it helps save on the food budget too! If you have a balcony, a veranda, a porch or a staircase or someplace where you can fit a few post, you are ready to start growing some herbs.

If you have limited space, herbs are the perfect plants to grow. They don’t take much space, and they do perfectly well in containers. There is not much you can do wrong with herbs. Just remember to water them and harvest, and they will do fine.

Here are three herbs that are easy to grow, useful in the kitchen and promote good health. All of these are perennial, so when you first have them planted, they will come back year after year.

Three simple and usefull perennial herbs for the balconyChinese chives (allium tuberosum)

Unlike the standard chive, the chinese chive has flat leaves. It also has a stronger taste than the normal chive and it can resemble garlic in taste. It is grown and used in the same way as normal chives. This plant comes from the Himalaya areas, so it will do fine in a colder climate. It will die back in the winter, but then it comes back when the weather warms up in the spring. If it gets very cold, it might be a good idea to cover the pot or protect it in some way. This herb is strengthening on the bladder and kidney and can prevent nausea.


Three simple and usefull perennial herbs for the balconyPeppermint (menthe x piperita)

The peppermint is actually a hybrid between watermint and spearmint. This means the plant is sterile and don’t produce any seeds. It does however spread like a weed via its rhizomes. Most gardeners plant it in pots so it does not invade other parts of the garden. By growing your own peppermint, you have permanent access to fresh peppermint tea! In the folk medicien the peppermint is known for reducing inflammation, being antibacterial, viral repressive, fungus reducing and generally calming and much more.

Three simple and usefull perennial herbs for the balconyOregano (origanum vulgare)

Oregano is a very versatile herb. It can be used to season everything from pizzas to omeletts. It belongs in the temperate areas of Eurasia and around the Mediterranean. There are several varieties of this plant. Make sure you choose one that is suited to the climate zone you are in! If you choose a Mediterranean type it will for instance probably not survive in a cold climate. Oregano is a herb that is easy to dry and store for the winter. It can be used to treat cough and other problems in the throat or lungs. In addition, it is also used to strengthen the digestion.

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